Submission Guidelines

All submissions to be sent to:!

What kind of work do you accept? Do I have to be a student? Is there a theme?

  • We accept submissions from any academic discipline or art form, whether that’s creative writing, essays, artwork, photography, etc. And we always give critical feedback.
  • You don’t have to go to Cambridge/Oxford, and you don’t have to be a student at all for us to read and accept your submission. We’ve had a doctor, an Australian photographer and a nice aspiring actor from London all send pieces to us – we really don’t mind who you are!
  • Most Notes issues are not themed, so send in whatever genre you’ve been working on! We do a single themed issue each term, which is always specified in that issue’s title.

Is there a word limit? How many pieces can I send in per issue?

  • Please send us a maximum of three pieces of written work at a time. Artwork (including photography and illustrations) has a maximum of six pieces.
  • This all ensures that we have enough time to give due consideration and good critical feedback to everyone!
  • Our word limit for essays and short stories is 750 words. Longer works will not be read, except for very rare instances – where we’ve given advanced permission for contributors to send them in – in which unique works may be serialised or shortened.
  • We do not have a line limit for poetry, but please format the poem as you would like to see it in print – left aligned, stanza breaks and line breaks as usual (unless it’s a meaningful, stylistic choice!).
  • For footnotes, please send in a maximum of three pieces per person of any kind. For this special issue, there is a 100-word limit on prose and a six-line limit on poetry. Artwork/illustrations will be published in black and white.

*So yes, you could send in say three poems and six photographs for one issue.

Do you accept submissions in a particular format?

  • Please send each written submission in its own Word document or PDF, rather than within the body of the email. Please also avoid formats such as .pages as it makes it difficult for all of our editors to access!
  • Please send in work left-aligned, single-spaced and with no indentation unless this is a specific design choice.
  • Please submit artwork as attachments (including photography, paintings and illustrations) in the best resolution possible; .jpegs, .pngs and PDFs are fine; alternatively Wetransfer/onedrive/online file storage links are also fine. If the picture is on a white background, please make this as white as possible!
  • While our standard fortnightly issues are black and white inside, colour artwork submitted to us may feature on our issue cover or on our Instagram account, with your permission. Our annual issue and some themed issues are in full colour.
  • Please include your name with work! If you would like to be published anonymously, include a line about this and we’ll make sure it happens.

How do I address the Notes editors in an email? Do you want a cover letter?

  • Nope, no cover letters needed or anything formal at all really! You can address submissions to ‘The Notes Team’, just go with a ‘Hi’ or even address a specific editor if you’d like (though all editors read the submissions). Basically – we really don’t mind at all!

Please also include your instagram handle in your email if you have one, as if we publish your work on our instagram, we like to tag the creator!

Anything not covered here? Pop us an email at!