Here’s the team working to keep Notes Cambridge going over the 2018-2019 academic year

Senior Editor | Finty Hunter

Finty is a third year English student at Murray Edwards. She likes exclamation marks (a lot!) and hates ellipses (…) as well as using poetry to avoid writing English essays and in her current position as Editor she now has a legitimate excuse for this! She’s been involved in Notes since first year and is very excited to head the team up this year!




Editor | Rosa Price

Rosa is a third-year English student at Jesus College. She’s from Stratford in London, where her local supermarket carpark has been built over Gerard Manley Hopkins’ birthplace. She’s interested in opera and political thought (together and separately).



Editor | Anunita Chandrasekar

Anu is an English Literature finalist at St. John’s College who especially enjoys the theory oriented aspects of her degree and hopes to conquer poststructuralist neologisms by the end of it. In the meantime, she enjoys finding places off the beaten track in Cambridge, (occasionally) spinning some tunes and struggling with German cases and compound nouns.




Editor | Nia Griffiths 

Nia is a second year ASNaC student at Caius. Other than attempting to explain her degree, Nia spends her time losing things, dropping glasses, and talking about her nan on live radio.’




Editor | Ashley Saville

Ashley is a second year Art Historian at Clare College. A devout wine mum and David Lynch obsessor, Ashley enjoys tending to her plant babies and advocating Tracey Emin’s supreme cultural value to the eldery. She has a particular soft spot for David Foster Wallace’s prose and it’s unrelenting emotional demands.

Treasurer | Elizabeth Huang

Elizabeth used to work on the Publicity team but has now taken over as our Treasurer. On the rare occasions she’s allowed to leave the law library, she can be found at the Maypole trying to understand new-fangled things like mobile telephones.



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Head of Publicity | Laura Oosterbeek

Originally from Aotearoa New Zealand, Laura is a Promiscuous Reader and Book Club Slut who spends her spare time biking around looking for sidewalk cats. Despite her allegiance to Cambridge, she is a fan of The Oxford Comma.



Publicity | Maria Calinescu

After nearly studying Maths, Maria spent several months working in a café and is now a first-year English student at Christ’s College. She has a puppy called Pablo (Kanye, Escobar or Picasso?), speaks Romanian, writes long letters, and knows too much about Marina Abramović.




Designer | Celine Clark

Céline is a second year English student from Murray Edwards college in a long and intense love-affair with London (her home). She’s a huge fan of rabbits, club culture, drag and the colour red. She’s excited for the opportunity to play with graphics and designing layouts in the next year in her role in Notes.



Designer | Mia Watanabe

Mia is in her third year of studying Theology at Trinity College. She likes plants, dislikes climate change and always has a craving for her mother’s homemade gyōsa. 



Past team members:
Alessandro M. RubinJun Pang, Xanthe Fuller, Linn Amalie Møystad, Anju Gaston, Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell, Ronan Marron, Savannah Adeniyan, Sarah Howden, Tessa Callendar, Freya Patty, India Harris, Amiya Nagpal, Katy Lewis Hood, Amy Faulkner, Olivia Fletcher, Alexander Gingell, Shefali Kharabanda, Rachel Lewis, Marjam Lohne, Adam Thelwall, Jemima Moore, Laurie Lewis, Jamie Patel, Nick Hitchcock.