Here’s the team working to keep Notes Cambridge going over the 2016-2017 academic year – we’re all students who are keen about what we do and about going through your submissions!


is an international HSPS student who doesn’t get nearly enough time to read for fun. She hopes to do lots of hands on visual arts publicity for Notes and can often be found laughing at her own jokes and attempting to cook meals in the microwave.




is a Publicity/Events Officer. She is from Devon, where she lives about nine miles away from where Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes used to live, and is the proud owner of two miniature dachshunds.


is one of the Notes designers for 2016 – 2017, helping to bring a unique and creative flair to the design of our issues.



is a third year English student with a keen interest in innovative writing and art. She’s excited to help publicise Notes, hopefully increasing the platform for student creativity in Cambridge.


is one of the Notes designers for 2016 – 2017, helping to bring a unique and creative flair to the design of our issues.



is an HSPS student from Hong Kong, and a sucker for world literature and modernist poetry. When she is not editing for Notes, she enjoys delving into decolonial thought, perusing videos of adorably angry cats, and trying to convince others of the beauty of Bohumil Hrabal’s work.



likes cake and mainstream poetry. Presently an Editor, she used to be a Notes Designer and misses spending her Monday afternoons weeping softly over InDesign files.


is a Geography finalist at Fitz with a passion for photography, particularly anything by Sebastão Salgado or Bruce Gilden. She’s a publicity and events officer for Notes and is excited about organising fantastic events in the upcoming year!




is a third year politics student at Kings. As an editor he is keen on poetry of all kinds and has a soft spot for form and structure. A great deal of his time is spent looking at blank Word documents waiting for his essay or a modern masterpiece of literature to appear.


is an English finalist at Fitz. As one of the Editors she’s pretty big on all kinds of prose writing. She can often be found between Caffè Nero and Waterstones, pretending to work but really getting distracted by hot chocolate instead.

Past team members: Katy Lewis Hood, Amy Faulkner, Olivia Fletcher, Alexander Gingell, Shefali Kharabanda, Rachel Lewis, Marjam Lohne, Adam Thelwall, Jemima Moore, Laurie Lewis, Jamie Patel, Nick Hitchcock.