Here’s the team working to keep Notes Cambridge going over the 2017-2018 academic year!

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Senior Editor | Jun Pang

Originally from Hong Kong, Jun is a Politics and Sociology finalist at St. John’s, interested in decolonial thought and prone to caffeine headaches. Having been an Editor at Notes since her first year, she still gets inordinately excited about going over poetry submissions and meeting contributors.



Editor | Finty Hunter
Finty is a second year English student at Murray Edwards. She likes hummus (a lot) and using poetry to avoid writing English essays and in her current position as Editor she now has a legitimate excuse for this!



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Editor | Alessandro M. Rubin
Alessandro M. is a second-year art historian from Jesus College. Like any HoA, he is an art freak who enjoys staring at convoluted pictures. His main interests are Mannerism, Baroque, and early-Modern European art. He has a soft spot for 19th-century prose and Murakami’s novels.


Editor | Xanthe Fuller
Xanthe is an Editor of Notes, she likes poems and writing to be simple and funny. She used to write a column about breakfast and now frequently receives messages about what people consume in the morning. She doesn’t know what to do with the information, but appreciates it.




Editor | Rosa Price

Rosa is a third-year English student at Jesus College. She’s from Stratford in London, where her local supermarket carpark has been built over Gerard Manley Hopkins’ birthplace. She’s interested in opera and political thought (together and separately).



Designer | Anju Gaston
Anju is a Notes Designer. She is from Devon, where she lives about nine miles away from where Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes used to live, and is the proud owner of two miniature dachshunds.




Designer | Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell
Evelyn is one of the Designers for Notes. When she is not at the computer sweating over the latest issue, Evelyn can be found sketching away while listening to a good podcast.



Publicity | Elizabeth Huang
Elizabeth works on the Publicity team. On the rare occasions she’s allowed to leave the law library, she can be found at the Maypole trying to understand new-fangled things like mobile telephones.



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Publicity | Laura Oosterbeek
Originally from Aotearoa New Zealand, Laura is a Promiscuous Reader and Book Club Slut who spends her spare time biking around looking for sidewalk cats. Despite her allegiance to Cambridge, she is a fan of The Oxford Comma.



Publicity | Linn Amelie Møystad
Linn will be joining our Publicity team. She enjoys woman’s football, political satire and other people’s cooking.







Publicity | Nia Griffiths 

Nia is a first year ASNaC student at Caius. Other than attempting to explain her degree, Nia spends her time losing things, dropping glasses, and talking about her nan on live radio.’


Past team members:
Savannah Adeniyan, Sarah Howden, Tessa Callendar, Freya Patty, India Harris, Amiya Nagpal, Katy Lewis Hood, Amy Faulkner, Olivia Fletcher, Alexander Gingell, Shefali Kharabanda, Rachel Lewis, Marjam Lohne, Adam Thelwall, Jemima Moore, Laurie Lewis, Jamie Patel, Nick Hitchcock.