Editor’s Note to Issue 13


Book-Sculpture-1Dear readers,

Issue 13 will be coming out this week and it’s one of the most pervasively mature we’ve seen in a while. The submissions have a real sensitivity to them which, combined with the general theme, can leave the reader in a pensive mood and craving a good cup of tea. The theme is one which affects us all in the frantic university life we lead – identity and its ever-changing nature. From Shadow-South and its gentle nudging at our own mortality to the quiet, resigned innocence of ‘For Charley, an Apple’, this issue contains notes loosely themed around otherness, the self and  preservation/destruction. The first half of this magazine is an exploration of the self through other worlds and urban landscapes. The second half is a more intimate discussion of the body and our tendencies to preserve and destroy. We hope this magazine provides inspiration for future works and discussions.

We hope you enjoy Issue 13 of Notes.
Keep reading, keep creating, be inspired.


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