Editor’s Note to Issue 32 (Eco) + Free Digital Issue

Issues, Themed

Our first themed issue of the year comprises works looking at green issues, wildlife and nature in creative ways.

From Tanmay Dixit’s haunting eulogy to a dying world to the sheer vibrance of Tessa Callendar’s hummingbird image, this issue explores the relationship between humans and nature through a careful consideration of our actions within the world. We hope it appeals to a wide audience and inspires discussion and the creation of future works. Much thanks to the Cambridge Zero Carbon Society and the Cambridge University Wildlife Conservation Society, who collaborated with us to make this issue.

Below, you may find images from our launch event at The Old Library, Pembroke College. In keeping with our ‘Eco’ theme, we are distributing a free, full-colour digital copy of the Eco issue to all our readers, contributors and those who would like a glimpse of the kind of work which we publish. You can download it here. NOTE: The painting on page 27, which is attributed to Lauren Downing, had this credit mistakenly omitted in a previous version of the issue. The digital issue has now been updated to correctly cite Lauren Downing’s name on the contents page.


Credit to Sophie Buck for the ‘Eco’ cover photo. Credit to Jun Pang for the launch photos.


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