Editor’s Note to ‘Notes on Travel’



We are particularly grateful to PhoCus (the Cambridge University Photographic Society), and to Compass, for collaborating with us on this special, full-colour issue on ‘Travel’. This issue explores ‘travel’ across a broad range of its connotations and associations. Gabriella Craft questions the culturally-isolating linguistic binaries of Cambridge student life, while Meggie Longgren’s ethereal shot of windmills places emphasis on the dislocatory power of the travel photograph. Megha Harish ruminates on the relationship between borders and identity while Loke Jia Yuan’s market shot highlights with a quiet intensity our codependent relationship with everyday consumer products. In the darkest times, we hope that this issue sparks for you a sense of hope and wonder about the world we live in. You can purchase the issue for £2.50 here.

Below is a sample of the fantastic writing and photography featured in this issue. You can follow Loke Jia Yuan and Chryssie Koussia on Instagram.

(cover design credited to Vera Kleinken)


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