Editor’s Note to ‘Notes x LAAD’

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Launched at Love Art After Dark 2017, this issue has more than enough personality to live up to the auspicious surrounds of the Fitzwilliam Museum, from Paphavee Sakdanaraseth’s boldly colourful cover to the deconstructed grandeur of Matthew Seccombe’s sketches. Megha Harish in Muse and Savannah Adeniyan in Slow Things are concerned in their own ways with the passion and the feeling in colour. The rolling subject of Ella Morris is a beautifully understated study while Tom Bailey’s Poem is acutely self-aware and deconstructive. We hope this issue shows art as an opening for diverse exploration.

To learn a little more about the process of preparing for our Love Art After Dark launch, read Publicity/Events Officer Anju Gaston and Editor Ronan Marron discuss it with Hannah Brown of The Cambridge Student.

Accompanying this issue, artists Kate Schneider, Anju Gaston and Julien Godawatta produced beautiful postcard designs which you can purchase from just 40p here.


You can find some examples of the fantastic pieces published in this issue below, and you can purchase the issue for £2.50 here.

The deadline for our next and unthemed issue is currently open, and will close at 12pm/noon on Friday 10th February 2017.


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