Editor’s Note to Issue 41



This week’s issue of Notes explores the fragmentary experience of home – the associations and disassociations that come with the idea that we can belong to both places and people. The tenderness of Georgina Baker’s portrait of her “Great Uncle Steve” complements the quiet conversational intimacy of Tom Bailey’s ‘Home Comforts’; the artistic self-awareness of Charlie Thorpe’s ‘Artiste en Residence’ finds a serendipitous counterpart in Niamh Ryle’s ‘click click click’; the wry humour of Mike Reiners’s ‘Cook for somebody else’ echoes Joy Hunter’s witty ‘Dromaeosaurid Theropod’. We hope you enjoy the way these pieces find their own home alongside one another in the issue.

You can find samples of this issue’s fantastic range of work below:


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