Editor’s Note to Issue 33 + Extracts


This issue of Notes reads like a series of snapshots, seeking to capture fleeting moments in time and space. Combining murmurs of sound with striking imagery, Rosa Price and Rose Nugee present sensory landscapes in sparse poetic forms, while Greg Forrest’s brief but sophisticated wordplay continues to surprise. In the middle of it all, Tessa Callendar’s photograph of a woman praying in Jerusalem amidst blurred figures invites us to pause and to notice. We hope that this issue inspires discussion and future creative work. Order a copy here.

Below, you can also find some images from Issue 33’s launch event in Upper Hall 1, Fitzwilliam College.

Credit to Ellie Winter for the cover photo featured on the front page. Credit to Savannah Adeniyan and Alexander Gingell for the launch photos.


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