Editor’s Note to Issue 34 (Ekphrasis) + Extracts


ek.phra.sis (n.): a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art.

In the final Notes issue of this academic year, developed in collaboration with The Fitzwilliam Museum Society and The Heong Gallery at Downing College, our contributors have been making art about art. For several writers, including Ruby Reding, Jerry Cummins, and Victoria Ibbett, ekphrasis offers an opportunity to rewrite traditions and open up new possibilities. For others, such as Jess Bullock and Nora Rosenberg, writing about art has personal and memorial resonances. However, as Valerie Bence’s response to Rembrandt’s etchings suggest, art – whether visual art, prose, or poetry – is both technical and textural, and it is this that emerges from the range of pieces in this issue. You can view some extracts below, and we hope all the pieces inspire discussion and future creative work.

Though Ekphrasis is the final Notes issue until October 2016, do keep a lookout for information on our micro-fiction publication, footnotes, which will be accepting submissions from the Easter term.

Check out images from our launch below, taken in The Heong Gallery at Downing College.

Credit to Kate Schneider for the cover art featured on the front page. Credit to Jun Pang for the launch photos.


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