Editor’s Note to Issue 42



In our final fortnightly issue of the academic year, in collaboration with Cambridge PEN, this week’s Notes hinges upon concepts of translation in all its variety. In ‘I Had A Dream Once’ and ‘An Education As Gaeilge’, Siyang Wei and Ronan Marron respectively explore the ways in which speaking home languages can paradoxically heighten a sense of distance. In his essay ‘A Journey to the Other’, Louis Klee explores the power dynamics behind translating literature into Anglophone languages, a dynamic which Jiwoo Yoo masterfully plays with in rendering Korean grammar into the English of his untitled poem. Finally, Emma Cavell succinctly captures the fallout of mistaken words and their mistranslated meanings in ‘Falsetto’. We thank you, our readers, for a fantastic academic year of issues and events. We hope that the meanings of these varied pieces are themselves translated anew as you enjoy them.

Do look out for the launch of footnotes, our annual Easter Term micro-fiction publication and our final publication of the 2016/17 academic year. More details will be released soon. Below, you can find examples of some of our favourite pieces from this issue, and can buy the issue from just £1 here.


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