Introducing ‘footnotes’ and Contributing Writers

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In footnotes, we want to celebrate all things micro. There’s no theme, because we feel that every writer contributing already shares in the wondrously hard task of packing a punch into a short piece. We’re looking for flash and micro -fiction, -writing, -essays, -poetry, -art, -sketches, -drawings – anything in 100 words or less (6 lines or less for poetry). Art can be of anything, but bear in mind that it will be printed in a small booklet. The submissions deadline is 11:59pm on Friday 15th May. Submit to, or via the ways detailed on the footnotes website, here.

Please don’t not submit because you think your work isn’t “good” enough. Most of us are writers/artists ourselves – we understand the fear, which is why  we promise that we really want to read it. And we always provide critical feedback.

For the second publication of footnotes, we’re grateful and delighted to be able to feature the work of several renowned and established writersSubmit for the fantastic opportunity to have your work featured alongside theirs.



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