Editor’s Note to Annual Three + Free Digital Issue


Now in its fourth year, Notes has flourished into one of Cambridge’s foremost creative societies. And true to our aim, the publication has continued to embrace and showcase writing, artwork and the creative expressions of artists from this university and far beyond. Great credit is due to all of those who submitted to us, and also to the ever-growing numbers who have attended our launch events this year, purchased our magazine, and discussed it with friends. We also could not have made it this far without the other societies and organisations who have worked with us to host amazing events.

Click here to download a free digital copy of our third anthology, Notes Three. Be sure to click on View > Page Display > Two Page View for the best viewing experience. You can also purchase copies of our footnotes issue from our online store starting from £1.

Our third annual is a showcase of the best writing and artwork across the fortnightly issues of this year, 2015 -2016. From our Ekphrasis issue to notes on Nostalgia, we have gone through submissions as a team to decide which pieces we feel truly stand out from the rest. The number of submissions we have received this year has been higher than ever before, so while we can say that those featured truly deserve their place, there were many more fantastic pieces which we were not able to include.

The booklet you are about to read reflects the strong creative talent which Notes aimed to display at its foundation. We hope that you come away from it as wonderstruck as we found ourselves when we discovered these pieces again.

Images from our footnotes and annual launch event, held in Pembroke’s Old Library, can be found below in high resolution.



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